Dead Space: An Intensely Frightening Space Horror-Fest

Dead Space

Dead Space is one of the most frightening games I have played as it is so atmospheric being on the edge of your seat stuff that is not only scary but thoroughly entertaining. The story takes place aboard a space ship where Isaac Clarke the main character fights against monsters who have been created from dead corpses plus an on board virus. Its a bit like Frankenstein meets Alien in a way but then again maybe not. Anyway it is a gripping story that makes for a very gripping game.

All the information you need when playing dead Space appears via hologram which is a nice touch. Everything from how much health you have left to your weaponry is shown in this way. Isaac has some great weapons to fight with based on a mining theme including a rotary saw, a plasma cutter, a flame thrower as well as an automatic rifle, so you are well tooled up. Most of the guns have a horizontal as well as vertical firing mode making for some great fighting moves. To start you have to shoot off the arms and legs of the monsters but as you progress further your weaponry becomes much more deadly as you upgrade.

The fear factor of Dead Space is what sets it apart from some of the other games in this genre. Play it in a dark room wearing your headphones and you will soon discover what I mean by this. It is definitely not for the faint hearted while it is certainly only a game to be played by the over eighteens. As you progress through the corridors of the Ishimura the suspense is palpable as you wonder what you will find at the end of a darkened tunnel or a poorly lit corridor. The only sounds you hear are the eerie creaking of the metal construction of the ship, it's awesome!

Dead Space

The monsters or Nechromorphs as they are known are totally disgusting creatures. They try to win the game by overcoming Isaac making him sometimes feel really vulnerable to attack. Isaac does have a couple of attributes to combat this. They are the ability to move objects remotely plus another to slow down his enemies. Both these powers come in very useful especially when puzzle solving. The puzzles in Dead Space are very challenging to say the least but the feeling of accomplishment you get when solving them is great.

The visuals of Dead Space still pass well with gamers even after 8 years since it's release. The graphics are truly awesome with superb detail and very realistic making the monsters really frightening to look at. That, along with a fantastic sound track with atmospheric effects and we think this game stands up against many of the other third person horror heavy weights such as the Resident Evil series of games. I love horror films so have watched them for years from the early Frankenstein or Dracula's to the more gory Saw films I have seen them all so feel I am right when I say Dead Space is an excellent Horror based game that will have you gripping your seat wondering what the devil will happen next.