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  • Whack Your Neighbour

    Whack Your Neighbour

    If you have played a "Whack Your…" game before, then Whack Your Neighbor should be a familiar thing to try out. We have already seen teachers, exes, bosses –and now we have neighbors. WYN features as astounding number of kill animations and each one is impressively bloody. The cool part is that not all of them are presented in an obvious manner. Curious and experimentation-inclined players will discover interesting ways to trigger deaths in this game.

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  • Grand Theft Auto 4 Mobile

    Grand Theft Auto 4 Mobile

    GTA Vice City came out more than a decade ago –to an era when open was not yet a standard (GTA3 was massive innovation when it came out, and the same goes for Morrowind). As such being able to visit the 80’s themed streets of Vice City was an impressive experience. You could steal cars, mess around with random NPCs, drive across large areas. Sadly, the game does not really hold up too well by today’s standards. The once impressive cityscapes of VC now look pretty empty and bland, and for the most part, the gameplay is what makes GTA Vice City mobile stand out from the rest.

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